Connectivity Services

Enterprise Internet Services

We provide Committed Information Rate (CIR) over Microwave and Fiber with desired contention on data rate.

We customize solutions based on each customer’s Network Architecture and requirements by designing highly redundant solutions using multiple mediums.

Data Solutions

Taking care of connectivity solutions that best meets your business needs.

MPLS Network

SharpTel provides “Multiprotocol Label Switching”, a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance communication networks.

Layer 2 Transport

SharpTel offers Layer-2 services using variety of transport mechanisms that includes wireless, Managed Fiber and Dark Core Fiber. Mainly corporate customers including banks, Govt. and private institutions, educational institutions connect their nation wide offices through data services to ensure reliability and integrity of data.

Branch Office Connectivity

With diverse communication technologies, SharpTel addresses connectivity requirements of those enterprises that need 24×7 branch office connectivity to their head offices. We offer flexible Branch-Office connectivity that grows seamlessly with the growth of your network.

Wireless Services

LTE Services

Our Robust LTE solution has all the right features to satisfy your Corporate needs, from transparent L2 Transport to conventional L3 connectivity for seamless branch connectivity which is our unique value proposition. This makes us the 1st Premium Corporate LTE Providers in Pakistan.

Layer 2
Branch Office Connectivity

Banking Enterprise Services

SharpTel is a leading managed IT services provider for offering effective solutions in:

Call Center Services

SharpTelprovides IT and business process outsourcing to manage services and complex environment to assist you in different areas of business objectives.

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