White Label Whole Sale Services

SharpTel offers its state of the art network to provide wholesale services to ISPs looking to on board their customers without deploying their own network infrastructure.

In white label services overall customer life cycle is managed by the white label partner which includes customers provisioning, installation, integration, account management and customer care; while the back end network services are provided by SharpTel in seamless manner. White label service contract is based on SLAs to ensure highest levels of services are being offered to end customers all the time.
SharpTel wholesale service is the best and secure way of providing services to customers because of the following benefits.

  • Dedicated servers such as DHCP, DNS
  • Integrity of customers’ details
  • No coverage and capacity constraints
  • Zero cost for onboarding new customers
  • Customized Layer-2 Data and VPN Services
  • Dedicated internet services
  • Service based SLA ensuring high levels of service availability
  • Highly secure service ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and access control
  • 24×7 dedicated support