SharpTel Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fi Offloading Services

SharpTel offers Wi-Fi Offloading solutions for Telcos looking to offload their existing and ever growing user traffic from their backhaul to other Wi-Fi service provider network to improve user experience and network capacity. Using SharpTel offloading solutions Telcos can cater their coverage and capacity requirements in dense customer locations without altering their existing infrastructure.

SharpTel Offloading services offers:

  • Advertisement facility for Telcos
  • Portal based authentication
  • SMS based authentication
  • Guest access control

Wi-Fi HotSpot Services

SharpTel also offers “Hotspot” solutions to all the restaurants, cafés, shopping malls and other large and small medium enterprises. Our Hotspot solutions help enterprises to increase their foot fall by providing real time customer’s analytics to the clients. With these analytics clients will no longer require additional tools to gauge the feedback of their customers resulting in saving cost and time.

Our solutions provide a real-time dashboard to every client that enable them to have a birds-eye view of the entire workflow using the analytics provided by SharpTel's Hotspot solutions.